Down to the Woods

Down to the Woods has been rebranded as Friendly Forest. Check out all the new information over here. This information is left in place for reference.

Down to the Woods is a point and click adventure where you take the roll of either Belle or Bear and embark on a journey through a series of forest mazes as you try to help your friends. The controls are simple and the game is suitable for younger children.

Watch the trailer! (720p available):

The narrative is portrayed with a story book feel and the beta displays cut scenes as single images with text layered on top. Once complete, Down to the Woods will feature full motion video cut scenes to wrap the story together.

The game features randomly generated areas with an array of wildlife hidden in the forest, and original music layered on Australian bird song.

Unique game play elements include sign posts that use sign language, and butterfly companions which you use to solve obstacles.

Game play includes maze navigation, “power up” clothing items that are of practical use in the maze, and a side scrolling mini game. Puzzles are treated organically and can be easily solved with hints provided by your companions, and by use of the objective system which may be disabled at any time. Little girls have described the game as “adorable” :)



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